Becoming a watch collector

Becoming a watch collector

It's important to remember that everyone must start somewhere, so if you're thinking about starting a watch collection and want our advice, go for it! 

Picking your first watch can be daunting, so we will help you through the steps to starting your very own timepiece collection. 


The first thing to establish when starting any sort of collection is how much you want to spend.  

If you’re anything like me, getting carried away when you’re excited can pose a problem when it comes to making larger purchases - no one wants to impulse buy. Before looking for watches, you should ideally set a maximum budget, that way you don’t end up finishing your collection before you've even started it! 

New or Pre-Owned 

Choosing to start a vintage watch collection or a modern watch collection will determine where you buy your watches from; if buying a pre-loved piece, we recommend checking out Watches of Switzerland’s guide to buying pre-owned watches to help identify the steps needed to ensure its authenticity. 


A major factor in starting your watch collection is deciding which brands you'll want to invest in. Some collectors aim for uniform collections of one single brand, whereas others prefer to select a variety. With hundreds of watch brands to choose from, you’re bound to start accumulating some favourites whilst building your collection.  

Keep up with current trends 

The key to being a watch collector is being able to spot a showpiece before it becomes impossible to get your hands on. Take the new Omega Moonswatch range released last week, for example. This Swatch x Omega collaboration became a must-have for collectors world-wide. Being able to snap up such a desirable item will invoke serious watch collection envy.  

Protecting your collection  

When you’re looking to build a new watch collection it’s imperative to have somewhere to store them. Our larger Peli watch cases are a huge success with watch collectors worldwide. Many collectors favour the larger Elements X and Elements VIII cases for their personal watch collections, as the case offers room for their collection to grow. For the more seasoned collector who is looking to protect more than 10 watches, we also offer the To The Hour Vault case range, featuring a built-in lock system as standard for extra security.  

Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions about the cases and which might be the best for your growing collection. Happy watch hunting! 


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