Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch

Omega X Swatch MoonSwatch

 The much anticipated collaboration between Swatch and Omega of the MoonSwatch version of the Speedmaster has finally launched, and created quite the buzz over the weekend. The Oxford Street store in London had a line of half a dozen people camping on the pavement overnight ready for the MoonSwatch release in the morning.

This collaboration was inspired by outer space and features bioceramic watches that are named after planetary bodies.

The collection features: 

1) Mission to the Sun  

‘The star of the collection in bright sun-brushed gold.’ 

2) Mission to Mercury 

‘A tribute to the fast-moving winged messenger in deep grey.’ 

3) Mission to Venus 

‘Celebrates the planet of love in powdery pink with oval sub dials.’ 

 4) Mission on Earth 

‘A celebration of our precious planet in blue and green.’ 

5) Mission to the Moon 

‘Follows the exact design and dimensions of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch.’ 

6) Mission to Mars 

‘Fiery red tones meet “Alaska Project” watch hands.’ 

7) Mission to Jupiter 

‘Bronze-colored collectable with orange “Ultraman” seconds hand.’ 

8) Mission to Saturn 

‘Beautiful beige with Saturn’s rings at 6 o’clock.’ 

9) Mission to Uranus 

‘Pale blue tribute to the Greek god of the sky.’ 

10) Mission to Neptune 

‘Celebrating the ice giant in a freezing deep blue.’ 

11) Mission to Pluto  

‘Dedicated to the “dwarf” planet in grey and burgundy.’ 

As you can see above the MoonSwatch is far more vibrant and colourful than the usual Omega Speedmaster range, but it does harbour similarities in its design. MoonSwatch however uses its own BioCeramic materials, which consists of 2/3 ceramic and 1/3 bio-derived plastic. 

Our favourite has to be the ‘Mission to the Moon’ as it is the closest in resemblance to the original SpeedMaster, however I do love the ‘Mission to Mars’ just for the pop of colour it has to offer. Would you opt for colour or keep it classic with one of the more neutral colourways? 

 How much is the watch and where can I buy it? 

The watches are reasonably priced at £207 and are available to buy now in select stores. From April 8th they will be available to buy on Swatch.  

Protect your watch 

Thinking of trying to get your hands on one of these? Why not invest in protection while you're at it! We offer a range of Peli Watch Cases, our Enigma I case would be perfect to store your MoonSwatch, keeping it safe whilst travelling. Feel free to get in touch with the team on socials, or simply drop us an enquiry with any questions or queries you may have.


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