A Watch Collecting Guide: A Look Inside the Father & Son Watches’ Collection.

A Watch Collecting Guide: A Look Inside the Father & Son Watches’ Collection.

We got in touch with Instagram’s very own father and son watch collecting duo to discuss their collection and how it all began. Check them out at @fatherandsonwatches

What inspired you to begin your watch collecting?

My father started it all off years ago when he got the Tag Heuer Aquaracer.

This was the first automatic timepiece he had owned. From there it led to a few more pieces, until more recently when he got a Squale and handed down the Aquaracer to me. This then got me started on the hobby as well, and from there we went and got two green Oris Aquis pieces together and as they say, the rest is history...

Is there one watch in your collection you’d choose over any others?

It’s a tough question as they all have their pros to owning them, but for my father it would be the Omega Seamaster Professional (the black dial) as he is always staring into it, even during a conversation.

For me, it would be the 3861 Omega Speedmaster. This one for me has so much history and is a truly iconic piece and with the latest upgrades it’s a no brainer as to why it’s a winner for me.

Do you regret any of your watch purchases over the years?

Neither of us regret any of our watch purchases, as we have thoroughly enjoyed owning each and every one of them. Unfortunately, it’s not always viable to keep all of them, so sometimes one or two have to go to make way for something new.

If you could only buy watches from one brand for the rest of your lives, which one would it be and why?

For both of us it would be very hard to choose between Omega and Tudor as they have fantastic specs and models in their line-up. The only swaying point for Tudor maybe having the slight edge would be the fact they have more 39mm pieces and we both have smaller wrists, so these work extremely well for us.

Classic pieces or special editions?

We think special editions are much more exciting for us as they have a meaning/connection to them which brings a nice appeal depending on what the special edition is for.

Vintage watches or modern?

We love both, so ideally, it’s great when you can have a modern watch with the newer specs, but with the vintage styling. So you get the best of both worlds, i.e., the Tudor Black Bay 58 Gilt and the Cartier Santos are both amazing examples of this.

[Above: Tudor Black Bay 58 Gilt]

[Above: Cartier Santos]

How do you currently store your watch collection?

We currently store some of our pieces in the To The Hour Peli case, which sits perfectly in my watch corner that I have set up. The rest are in watch rolls but I am hoping to get a few more cases such as your Enigma one.

Using To The Hour to store your watches

To The Hour offer a wide range of Peli watch cases. Father & Son Watches use the Elements III Peli Case for 3 watches pictured below:

If you need and help picking out your perfect case or if you have any questions about the range, feel free to contact us.

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