Watch Collecting Guide: A look inside Eric of Average Watches’ collection.

Watch Collecting Guide: A look inside Eric of Average Watches’ collection.

We recently got in touch with Eric, owner of the Instagram account that features everything watches, from cases to watch straps. We asked him a few questions about his journey to becoming Average Watches (@averagewatches) and how his watch collecting began. 

When did you first begin collecting watches? 

I don’t know that I’m necessarily a “collector” even now.  I’m more of an enthusiast who happens to own some watches.  I first got interested in watches around 2010.  My then girlfriend (now wife) got me a Tissot PRC200 for my birthday.  I’d never worn a timepiece consistently before that, but I wore the Tissot for 6 or 7 years before dipping my toes into the world of luxury watches. 

What was the first watch you remember purchasing, and do you still have it now?

 The first luxury watch I ever bought was an [Omega] Speedmaster Reduced.  I recall agonizing over whether my first watch should be the reduced, the professional, or a Rolex 16570.  In the end my wallet won, and I went with the reduced.  It was a great watch but never quite scratched the Moonwatch itch.  It was also the first watch I ever sold. 

What tips would you give to those looking to expand their collection? 

 Buy what you like.  Don’t worry about having occasions and archetypes.  Don’t worry about duplication and redundancy.  Just buy what appeals to you. 

If you had to pick 3 of your favourite watches from your collection, what would they be? 

  1. My [Rolex] 16570 Polar Explorer II was the first watch I ever wanted to buy.  I regretted cheating out at the time and finally picked one up this year. 
  2. My [Rolex] 214270 Explorer I is the watch I purchased to celebrate the birth of my daughter.  It has her birthday and time engraved on the case back and I plan to pass it down to her one day. 
  3. My black, square G-SHOCK (Casio G-SHOCK G-5600E-1) is such a great “do anything” watch.  And it’s basically indestructible.  It’s hard not to put it into my top 3 just based on wrist time alone. 

Do you have any advice on ensuring watches are authentic when purchasing? 

Buy the seller.  I think a lot of people have heard this saying, which basically means don’t buy from people who don’t have some sort of reputation.  You might get a better price but you might also end up with a Frankenwatch or worse yet, a faulty or fake watch. 

Are there any watches you have your eye on to add to your collection? 

At the top of my list (this week): 

  •  Cartier Santos Dumont 
  • JLC Reverso Monoface 
  • Rolex Submariner 14060m 
  • Tudor Black Bay Pro 

How do you protect and store your watches? 

My watches are stored in a To The Hour Elements X case of course!  But honestly you guys make great cases that are perfect for bringing watches anywhere! 

Protect your growing collection 

If you’re looking to start your watch collection, To The Hour have a range of Peli watch cases, ideal for those with growing collections, big or small.  

Feel free to get in touch with a member of the team with any questions or queries – we will be happy to help! 


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