Our Pelican™ watch cases ensure your watches have unrivalled protection - Pelican™ cases are world famous for their strength, waterproof protetion and Lifetime Guarantee.

For 1 Watch


Protection for 1 watch in a Pelican™ Micro Case.

2-10 watches


Our original range of cases, making use of the classic Pelican™ range.

18-21 watches


Strong and secure. Using a Pelican™ 1495 with an integrated combination lock.

No imitation

Genuine Pelican Watch Cases

Every case provided by To The Hour is a genuine Pelican™ case. The Pelican™ brand is known as Peli in the UK & Europe, hence the red tab you will see on the Elements and Vault ranges.

The cases do feature a To The Hour decal, but rest assured, the case itself offers the protection that can only come with a Pelican™ case.

Military Standard

Built to last

Pelican™ watch boxes are built to withstand all manner of things, making them the perfect option to protect valuable timepieces.

The cases are military-spec, and as such have undergone strict testing. Most cases are IP67 rated, meaning they are both waterproof and dustproof - both essential for any watch box.

Outstanding protection

Pelican case Features

Key features of the Pelican™ case used in the Elements and Vault ranges:

  • O-ring seal: This ensures the case is watertight when closed, to protect your watches against the elements.
  • Double-step latches: These are easy to open but also extremely secure, keeping the lid firmly shut even in rigorous transit.
  • Automatic Pressure Release Valve: This equalises the internal air pressure, which allows air to flow so the case will be easy to open even after changes in pressure (such as on a flight).
  • Padlock hasps: Ideal for securing padlocks to your Pelican case.
  • Stainless Steel pins: Used in the hinges and handles for extra strength.

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You break it, we replace it. Forever.

Each case is covered by the Peli™ Lifetime Guarantee, so if your case should break at any time, we’ll happily replace it at no extra cost.