Worlds Thinnest Watch

Worlds Thinnest Watch

Richard Millie is renowned for creating timepieces designed for those with a true appreciation for watchmaking. Produced in limited quantities, these watches are not only highly impressive but highly desirable. With over 80 models, “Richard Mille’s success is a product of three crucial elements: the best of cutting-edge innovative technology, a strong artistic and architectural dimension and watches designed to be robust and easy to use, yet also highly sophisticated.”

RM-UP-01 Ferrari: Richard Millie’s New Release

Richard Millie got everybody talking when he recently released the RM-UP-01 Ferrari, the manual winding ultra-flat. At just 1.75 millimetres thick it’s one of the thinnest watches known to be created, overtaking the Bulgari with its 1.80mm thick Octo Finissimo Ultra.

How was the World’s thinnest watch achieved?

Millie focused on surface area to create the ultra-thin timepiece, opting for a larger surface area to fit each component side by side, as opposed to the usual stacking technique used in watchmaking.

Production on this piece is limited to just 150 units, making the chances of getting your hands on this new release almost as slim as the watch itself! More than 6,000 hours were spent on development and laboratory testing, hence the intricacy of the watch.

How much does the World’s thinnest watch cost?

Like most of Richard Millie’s collection, this watch is highly elusive and with just 150 pieces made, the price makes sense. If you were to purchase the worlds thinnest watch, it would set you back approximately $1,888,000!

Protecting your watches

Whether you own the worlds thinnest watch, or the world’s thickest watch, it’s worth investing in decent protection. With the cost of watches reaching millions, it’s only right you invest in premium quality protection. At To The Hour, we sell a range of Peli watch cases, each one complete with the famous Peli Lifetime Guarantee. The watch cases come in a range of sizes, from the ability to store and protect 1 watch to 40 watches, you’re bound to find a case to suit your collection.

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