Travel Tips:  The best way to pack for your holiday

Travel Tips: The best way to pack for your holiday

When the world entered the Pandemic back in 2020, after all the restrictions on travel, it’s not surprising that most people feel as though they’ve forgotten how to fly. It certainly wasn’t just me who forgot all post-pandemic airport protocol when getting on that first plane! 

To make sure you feel ready to go, we've prepared a list of travel packing tips to ensure your suitcase is the least of your worries when navigating the airport this Summer.  

Check your airline requirements 

Those familiar with travelling may have seen the recent changes to on-board travel allowance with certain airlines. It’s important to check your airline’s hand luggage rules to avoid getting stung with a fine at the airport, the last thing you need before a holiday!  

Make a checklist 

The best way to avoid unnecessary spending while you’re abroad is to ensure you pack everything you need before leaving. My favourite way of doing this is to make a list while you go about your normal day; every time you use something, make a note of the item so that you don’t forget to pack it. 

In terms of holiday specific essentials, don’t forget your passport! Sounds obvious, but in a 2019 Priority Pass Survey, approximately 6% of respondents had forgotten their passports. You’ll also need sunscreen (depending on your destination), a plug adaptor, toothbrush, toothpaste, suitcase lock (to avoid using hotel safes) and a mobile phone charger. 

Order toiletries via Click and Collect.  

An excellent travel tip took TikTok by storm recently for those who need to travel with toiletries that exceed the hand luggage liquid allowance.  

If your airport has a Boots store after security, order your toiletries via Click and Collect to the airport of your choice a few days prior to flying. This way, not only do you pay regular Boots prices as opposed to inflated airport shop prices, but you can also take extra liquids onto the plane. 

Wear your larger clothing items at the airport 

This is a tip that is most used when flying in winter with coats and boots. Regardless of the weather, though, try to reduce the amount of space taken up in your case by wearing what you can while travelling. Whether it’s a heavier jacket or shoes, try to pack your smaller items and wear your larger ones.  

Roll up your clothes 

If you're trying to save room when packing your case, there's plenty of guides on rolling your clothes to fit as much into the case as possible. Ideal if you’re sharing a case with someone else, or only bringing a small carry-on case.  

Bring a laundry bag  

One of our top tips when packing for travel is to bring a laundry zip up bag in your suitcase. These bags keep all your clothes in one place, but separate worn and unworn clothes, preventing you from having to wash clean clothes on your return.  

Keep your valuables with you as hand luggage 

An unwritten rule when travelling is to avoid putting anything in your checked luggage of value, be it high value in cost or sentiment. Checked luggage not only runs the risk of being damaged, but also lost in transit, after all there is a global lost luggage crisis 

The best way to travel with your watch collection is with a To The Hour watch case 

At To The Hour we offer a safe and protective way to travel with your valuable timepieces. Not only are all our cases carry-on friendly, but they also offer military grade protection.  

Our Peli watch cases are waterproof, dustproof and crushproof, feature an automatic pressure release valve designed with travel in mind. The pressure release valve equalizes the pressure inside the case, preventing vacuum lock when opened after a flight. 

Our Vault cases offer a built-in lock system for extra security, or for those of you who require a smaller case, we offer the TSA combination locks that can be used with your watch box or your suitcase! 

If you have any questions about our cases or travelling with your watches, feel free to get in touch! 

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