The Newest Up and Coming Watches for 2022

The Newest Up and Coming Watches for 2022

In the era of smartwatches and digital technology, it’s easy for some people to forget that classic timepieces still hold value. But for savvy collectors and purveyors of fine wearables and craftsmanship, there’s simply no comparison for a well-made watch. Each year brings new styles and statements in watches, some of which will be quickly forgotten while others will stand the test of time and grow in value.

We keep a watchful eye on the industry and made our selections for best new watches in 2022:

Undone x Kevin Lyons Monsters Limited Edition Box Set

Image Credit: Undone


Vibrant, colourful, and creative, the Undone x Kevin Lyons Monsters Limited Edition watch is a wearable piece of art. Lyons chose a hot pink second hand to pair with the bright pops of colour in the watch face. All of his monster creations make an appearance in the image, encapsulated with a vintage chronograph and suede band. Only 300 serialized pieces will be available worldwide, making this one an instant treasure. As an added bonus, each watch will also come with an authentic licensed art print (also serialized).

Nixon Light-Wave

Image Credit: Nixon


The basic, watered-down design of the Nixon Light-Wave might not look like a piece that’s worthy of display. For starters, its bright neon-ish colour works for daily casual wear but won’t find its way into many social settings. But that’s not the point. What really makes this watch unique is its construction — recovered ocean plastic makes up the bulk of its injection-moulded design. What’s more, it’s small, lightweight, and water-resistant up to 100 meters, making it an ideal pick for your outdoor adventures.

MeisterSinger Unomat

Image Credit: MeisterSinger



This beautiful timepiece boasts a luxury look and feel, and a price tag to match. MeisterSinger is a name you can trust in fine watchmaking, and its Unomat is exemplary of the brand’s tenure in the industry. What we love is the absence of the minute hand, which pays homage to the fine watches made before the Revolutionary War when the minute hand didn’t exist. It’s timeless (pun intended), at least as much as a watch can get away with, and may help to take some of the rush out of your day.

Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Diver

Image Credit: Citizen


The Citizen Satellite Wave GPS Diver piqued our interest with the emerald face alone. But it held our spirits when we found out it’s the first light-powered watch of its kind, offering water resistance to 200 meters and GPS technology. And did we mention its dive mode only shows how long you’ve been underwater?

Eone Switch

Image Credit: Eone

(Price TBD)

A tool that was once considered an out-of-reach luxury for visually impaired persons is now an achievable dream. The Eone Switch’s design is the first of its kind, made to tell time tactilely for the blind. The beautiful, simplistic design looks stunning for any occasion, and is sure to be a conversation piece for anyone who wears or sees it.

Which of these watches are you most excited to add to your collection?

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