The differences between a Smartwatch and a Fitness Watch

The differences between a Smartwatch and a Fitness Watch

Although both share some similar features, smartwatches and fitness watches are two different products entirely. Depending on your wants and needs, one is usually better suited than the other.


One significant difference between a smartwatch and a fitness watch is the price. Smartwatches are often significantly more expensive than your average fitness tracker.

Fitness trackers can start from as little as £19.00, whereas smart watches tend to be priced from around £54.99 with Apple and Samsung branded models averaging at around £200.

Fitness trackers are the ideal option for someone who is looking for basic features at an affordable price.


We’ve created a side by side comparison of the features available on a Fitbit fitness tracker compared with a Fitbit smart watch.

Features available:
 FITBIT Charge 4 Fitness Tracker FITBIT Versa 3
Built-in GPS & heart rate monitor Voice commands / smartphone notifications
Tracks Active Zone Minutes / steps / distance / calories / sleep Contactless payments via Fitbit Pay
Smartphone notifications Health & fitness tracking with heart rate monitor & GPS
Up to 7 days battery life Battery life: 6+ days
Water resistant up to 50 m Compatible with iOS / Android
Touchscreen Water-resistant
Price: £89.99 Price: £159.00

If you want extra added features, the Smartwatch is your best option. Smartwatches often link seamlessly with your smart phone and create an integrated experience.

The price of a smartwatch often reflects its capabilities. Apple’s most recent series 7 for example features the following new features:

  • Larger display - 20% more screen area than the series 6.

  • Blood oxygen sensor

  • Workout detection

  • Retina display is 2.5x brighter outdoors.


When choosing between a smartwatch or fitness tracker it's important to consider the purpose of the watch. If you are looking to purchase a watch purely for fitness reasons, e.g., to track steps/workouts, then the fitness tracker may be the ideal choice.

If you are looking for a watch that can double up as a phone when on the go, as well as integrate the functionality of your smartphone then the smart watch will be your best bet.

Durability is a key difference between the smartwatch and the fitness watch and the level of durability you need will vary. For those looking for a watch to wear during sports, the nature of the sport should also aid your decision. For contact or high-risk sports such as surfing, rugby or rock climbing, to name a few, an expensive smart watch with a delicate glass screen might not be the best choice.

Protect your smartwatch/fitness tracker

Whether you end up choosing a smartwatch or fitness tracker, it’s important to give them the right protection when storing or travelling with them.

The Enigma I Peli Watch Case™ is ideal for storing your fitness tracker or smartwatch on the go and comes equipped with a carabiner clip for easy travel access.

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