Must Have Watch Accessories

Must Have Watch Accessories

We’ve created a roundup of some of the accessories we think are a must have as a watch collector. From watch winders to straps, we will explore the different types of watch accessories and their purpose!

Watch Winders

A watch winder is designed to keep automatic watches running whilst not being worn. Although not strictly essential, watch owners often opt for a watch winder as it takes away the inconvenience of having to manually reset your watch and also improves the watch’s longevity, as the oils in the movement mechanism are still being spread.

Where can I buy a watch winder?

Barrington Watch Winders offer a range of watch winders, our top pick being the black single watch watch winder.

Watch Cleaning

To avoid your watch looking worn and to keep it in good condition it’s vital to have the right cleaning accessories. Here’s a few of our favourite cleaning accessories for your watches:




Ensuring your watch is kept clean is the best way ensure your watch holds its value and looks the part!

Watch Straps

Not only do watch straps offer functionality in keeping the watch on your wrist, but they also offer the choice of aesthetic. Watch straps are a great way to add or compliment colour and allow you to interchange your watch and its style without breaking the bank.

Nato straps are amongst most popular styles; we’ve picked out a few of our favourites from Nato Strap Store:

Premium Woven Nato Watch Strap (James Bond No Time To Die Strap Replica)

Premium Thick Woven Nato Watch Strap – Military Green

Suede Leather Nato Strap – Black

Tudor Style Fabric Knit Nato – Luxury Seamaster Black, Orange and Grey

Watch Cases

To ensure your watch remains safe and protected when travelling, a watch case will be your new best friend. At To The Hour, we offer a range of Peli watch boxes, watch travel cases designed in a military grade Peli case with custom foam inserts.

These cases are ideal for travelling with your collection as well as general watch storage. The case range size varies for storage for 1 watch up to 40 watches.

Not only do we offer watch storage, but a variety of our cases come with the option of accessory pockets and pocket converters, that allow you to convert the watch pockets into a contained storage area for your watch accessories or other jewellery.

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