How to take care of a watch

How to take care of a watch

Taking care of watches is rightly near the top of every watch collector’s priorities. Afterall, it’s not only financial value that watches can hold – oftentimes there is also a great deal of sentimental value in watch collections.

Accordingly, we’ve created a run-down of the best ways to take care of your watch and ensure it stays looking new. Whether you’re protecting a Rolex, an Omega or even an Apple Watch, we have some tips and tricks to follow.

Take care when wearing


Firstly, it’s important to note that watches are made to be worn, so there’s no point keeping them wrapped up in cotton wool at home! That said, it’s worth being mindful of your plans when choosing to wear your watch. The best way to ensure your watch stays looking new is by ensuring it avoids anything that could damage it.

Avoiding water

This may come as no surprise, but unless you’re wearing a piece designed to withstand the elements, if you’re planning a trip to the beach maybe leave your watch at home... not to mention the problems sand can cause! Also be mindful when washing your hands.

Avoid housework or DIY Tasks

The ideal excuse to get out of doing household chores! To avoid any scratches, it’s best to keep your wrists away from any sharp objects as well as dirt and dust. If you’re going to be doing something that involves a lot of physical activity with your hands, take off your watch first!

Avoid wearing whilst sleeping

Although it tempting to never take your timepiece off, don’t forget to remove it before sleeping. Easily done after a long day with a comfortable watch, but to avoid scratching or any other damage your watch is best kept on a soft cloth, in its original box, or a specialist watch case when you sleep.

Servicing and Repair Maintenance

Like cars, a lot of luxury watches require frequent servicing and maintenance. Ensuring your watch is regularly serviced will not only help extend the life of your watch, but will also help avoid costly repairs further down the line.

Watch Repair UK offer a range of services, including watch polishing, watch battery replacement, and even watch glass replacement. Ideal for if your watch manufacture don’t offer a bespoke service.

Cleaning your watch

The best way to take care of your watch is through regular cleaning. It’s always best to check your watches manual for any cleaning instructions. Hodinkee have a great step-by-step guide on how to clean your watch.

Storing your watches

Ultimately to ensure your watches are taken care of, the key is storage. Okay – yes, we would say that. But if you are looking for a protective case that ensures your watches are taken care of whilst travelling or even sleeping, we do provide fantastic Peli Watch Cases in a range of sizes.

We have cases for just 1 watch, and cases for up to 21 watches… Our team is on hand to help with any questions or queries, just drop us a message on socials or contact us directly, in the meantime feel free to check out the other watch-related posts on our blog!


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