How to ensure your watch keeps its value

How to ensure your watch keeps its value

When spending a lot of money on watches, it comes naturally to want to keep them in perfect condition: the better the condition the watch is kept in, the better the overall investment will be when it comes to sell.

Following these easy steps will ensure your watch retains its value, as well as making it easier to sell later down the line.

Invest in good storage

In order to ensure your watch remains in the best condition from original purchase to potential sale, it's vital that you protect the watch along the way. At To The Hour we offer a large range of Peli watch boxes, with specially designed foam to protect your timepieces. These rugged Peli watch cases will protect your watches from damaging humidity and dust, keeping them in nearly-new condition.

With higher value watches, safety will always be a concern, which is why we also offer TSA approved locks, not to mention our Vault range comes with a built-in lock system.

Ensure your watch is serviced

A watch is advised to be serviced regularly to maintain its function, appearance and value (especially if it has an automatic movement). Different watch manufactures suggest different time frames between services, so it’s worth checking this when you purchase your watch.

Watchfinder & Co. are certified in offering service to various brands including, Omega, Cartier, and Officine Panerai.

Maintaining the condition of your watch is key to maintaining value, so regular servicing and up keep will ensure that it’s kept in nearly new mechanical condition as well as physical condition.

Keep boxes and documentation

When it comes to reselling, the value can range dramatically depending on if you have the box and documentation that helps prove authenticity.

Keeping hold of your box and warranty certification, as well as any other paperwork or packaging the watch comes in will ensure the watch keeps the value you paid for it.

Don’t forget your extra links!

Often when we get our watches adjusted, the extra links are given back for you to keep. This comes in particularly handy when it comes to re-sale, so make sure you keep the extra links safe as you’ll want them to maintain value when reselling!

Insure your watch

For multiple and high value watches, insurance is something we’d always recommend. Home insurance can cover watches whilst at home, but it’s important to check your terms and conditions before relying on your home insurance to cover your watches.

Specialist watch insurance is the best idea for those who consider their watches an investment and want to guarantee they are protected.

Protect your timepiece

To The Hour offer a range of Peli watch cases to protect your watch collection and ensure it holds its value.

From 1 watch to 40 watches, we cater to a wide range of collections sizes. If you need any help, feel free to get in touch with a member of the team - we’d be happy to help!

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