Best affordable watch brands

Best affordable watch brands

Looking for a new timepiece without the hefty price tag? In this post, we’ll explore some of our favourite affordable watch brands that still look and feel premium, without breaking the bank.


First on our list is Seiko, who despite offering premium watches with prices of up to £45,000, also offer a more affordable range of watches for men and women. Using the £230-£399 price filter on Seiko’s website, we were able to find a range of reasonably priced Seiko watches, including the Prospex ‘Turtle’ and the Seiko 5 Sports.

Citizen Watches

Citizen offer a more inexpensive range of watches, with many on sale below £200. Citizen watches also come with a 5 year warranty, making them a great investment for a more affordable watch. One of our top picks is the Citizen Men’s Blue Dial Chronograph Bracelet Watch; this would make a great gift for a loved one, we reckon!

G Shock Watches

Brought to us by CASIO engineer Kikuo Ibe, these watches are renowned for their tough design and durability (a bit like our cases). They are great value for money, built to last and come with a 2 year guarantee; one of our favourite affordable watch brands, for sure.
Our top pick is the G-Shock Octagon Series.


Prominent fashion brand Hugo Boss, known for its clothing and fragrances, also offers a range of affordable watches. With such a variety of styles you’re guaranteed to find a watch to suit. A few of our favourites include the elegantly minimal Confidence Men's Watch and the sophisticated Master Men's Watch.


Known for producing ‘stylish, elegant and reliable’ watches, Tissot offer a sizable range of affordable watches, starting from below £200 across a number of collections; you're sure to find the piece you're looking for to suit your budget. Premium packaging also comes as standard with every watch, making it clear to see why we chose Tissot as one of our best affordable watch brands.

Protect your new timepiece.

Protect the sentiment of any timepiece or collection, regardless of its price, with premium watch protection from To The Hour.
Our waterproof, crushproof and dustproof Peli watch cases come complete with an expertly designed foam insert with a snug fitting pocket for each of your watches, ensuring they’re resistant impact and damage.
To The Hour Peli watch cases come in a range of colours and sizes, with the option to protect just 1 special timepiece, to collections of up to 21 watches. Your ideal case won’t be hard to find.

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