Beginners guide to buying a second-hand watch

Beginners guide to buying a second-hand watch

When looking to buy a watch second-hand having cold feet is normal as there is a lot to consider. Is it watch genuine? Is it worth the price? Is it worth getting it second hand? If you're after a rare collector's piece or simply a cheaper deal sometimes second hand is the best option or the only one. 

We are going to run through few things it is worth bearing in mind when you are in the market for a second-hand watch.  

Is it worth buying second hand? 

When considering buying the watch your after second hand its worth considering if it’s worth buying it second hand. Do the pro’s out way the cons?  

Cost is a large factor, but if you're thinking of buying a valuable timepiece it’s worth asking yourself if the money you’ll save is worth the risk of the watch being non-genuine. When looking to buy a timepiece, part of the experience is the buying experience itself, the luxury of trying on the watch and having it fitted, is the saving worth loosing this part of your experience?  

Watch condition  

It’s important to consider watch condition when shopping second hand as often a good deal might only be good due to the condition of the watch itself.  

Similar to shopping for a car it’s important to check any small print for any internal or external damage which might lower the value. Honest sellers will ensure all damage is claimed prior to the sale, but make sure you're accepting and able to fix or deal with any damage the watch may have before purchasing.  

Be aware of fakes 

When looking to purchase any high value item second hand your bound to encounter sellers trying to sell fake items. If the timepiece your after is of lower value your unlikely to encounter this, however as the price and exclusivity rise the chances of counterfeits rise with it.  

Higher-end watches tend to come accompanied with authentication paperwork, so the absence of these should create a cause for concern.  

One thing to note is fraudsters often avoid trying to duplicate one of a kind or rarer watch finds, so often the fakes they make are popular models, so if your second hand hunt is for a vintage rare watch you're in luck, as its less likely to be duplicated! 

Don’t be afraid to ask questions 

Any genuine person wanting to sell on a timepiece will be happy to answer any questions you may have. We’d always suggest being wary of people who avoid answering certain questions or won’t provide the information you need, as it often means they have something to hide.  

Talking from personal experience when I’m trying to sell a product, especially if I'm trying to get rid of it I’m happy providing the potential buyer with any information they need.  

Protect your second hand watches 

When purchasing any type of watch, first or second hand its worth investing in some decent watch storage to protect your timepieces. 

We offer a range of Peli watch cases for various collection sizes ranging from 1 watch up to 40 watches! 

These Peli watch cases come with custom foam inserts designed to ensure your timepieces are well protected and stored safely.  

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