5 Tips for cleaning your watch

5 Tips for cleaning your watch

The best way to keep your timepiece looking new is to ensure that it’s kept clean after wear. It’s easy to forget how much dirt, oil and germs we are likely to pick up throughout the day. Unlike its owner, watches don’t tend to need a shower to remove these, but a few simple steps will make certain your watches are kept clean day to day.  

1. Grab a cloth  

A simple way to keep on top of cleaning is by having a microfibre cloth to hand. A simple wipe with a microfibre cloth is the best way to remove any dirt and dust without damaging the face of the watch. Timepieces are delicate and should be cleaned with care, not with a sponge where the abrasive surface can scratch the piece.  

2. Clean your watch band  

Depending on the type of watch band you have, the cleaning process will vary. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning suggestions before doing any DIY! 

Check out this article for a great, in-depth guide on how to clean different types of watch bands.  

3. Grab a toothpick 

A toothpick is ideal for getting in all the small spaces a cloth simply can’t reach. One of our favourite tips is a toothpick covered with a piece of tissue, allowing you to clean the area using the tissue, and reach it using the toothpick itself.  

Top Tip: If you are hesitant about cleaning your watch at home and don’t want to risk any potential damage caused by DIY solutions, The Watch Lab offer watch valeting, which also includes damage checks.  

4. Polishing your watch 

Once clean from dirt and dust, no doubt you’ll want your timepiece to be dazzling! Check out this easy guide on how to polish your watch and get that new-looking shine!  

5. Hire a professional/Buy a cleaning kit  

There are plenty of companies that specialise in watch cleaning and servicing if you want to guarantee your watch is kept in nearly new condition. If you've bought an investment piece, or want to clean a piece to sell, we would favour having the watch cleaned professionally. Not only will this decrease the risk of scratching it yourself, but a clean watch will increase its value and ensure that it’s in perfect condition for sale. 

As previously mentioned, The Watch Lab offer watch valeting, which is available across the UK. The mini-valet can be carried out in under an hour at your local branch.  

Alternatively, you can purchase watch cleaning kits like the ones we found below: 

Protecting your watch 

In order to keep your watches clean when you’re not wearing them, why not invest in some watch storage? At To The Hour we offer a range of Peli watch boxes, designed to store and protect your watches when they aren’t on your wrist.  

Our custom foam inserts and watch pillows protect from scratches, water, dust and damage while on the move.  

If you have any questions about the cases, feel free to get in touch with a member of the team and we will be happy to help! 

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