3 watch brands that hold their value

3 watch brands that hold their value

When it comes to investing in physical assets, property is probably the first option that comes to mind. However, this requires a huge amount of time – you can’t just waltz into a shop and pick up a new house.

If you are looking to invest in a physical asset but don’t want all that headache, or perhaps you don’t want to invest hundreds of thousands right of the bat... then luxury watches are a great option. Certain brands and models can be counted on to hold their value, or even increase over time.

We are going to take a run through 3 of the watch brands that are most likely to hold their value.


It’s not surprise that Rolex make the list of watch brands that hold their value. The brand has been around since 1905, when 24 year old Hans Wilsdorf founded the company. Rolex are said to make 1,000,000 watches a year, but the brand’s popularity mean the demand often exceeds the units made, causing a surge in re-sell price.

Rolex as a brand is known to be timeless and classic, these watches are unlikely to go out of style, and as a result will often be seen increasing in value from the second they’re purchased.

If you're looking to purchase a Rolex, Time 4 Diamonds have a great guide on the best Rolex models to invest in 2022.


A crowd favourite known famously for their Speedmaster Professional and Seamaster Professional, Omega have been selling watches since 1848, when they were founded by Louis Brandt. Omega have always been popular with collectors worldwide and the demand for them means they make for a great investment.

Omega recently collaborated with Swatch and saw the whole collection sell out within a few days, with re-sellers able to sell the piece for over 10 times as much as the retail value.

This type of reaction to Omega is why it is one the best watch brands to invest into. Chrono24 have listed the top 5 Omega’s worth investing in 2022.

Patek Philippe

Home to some of the most expensive watches, it’s no surprise that Patek Philippe are one of the most sought after watch brands. Patek Philippe make a great investment as they are known to hold their value over time. This, just like Rolex and Omega, is because their demand is far higher than their production of units each year.

Patek Philippe employs approximately 2,000 artisan watchmakers, and this team are able to create just 62,000 timepieces in Geneva each year.

Check out Square Mile’s look at the best Patek Philippe watches to invest in at the moment.

Protecting your watch collection

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