Our Pocket Converters are designed to be inserted into the watch pockets in our Elements and Vault cases, allowing you to convert a watch pocket into a space for watch accessories, other jewellery or whatever else you'd like to store alongside your timepieces.

We currently offer three kinds of Pocket Converters to accommodate different accessories you wish to carry with your watch collection.


Our Pocket Converter dividers come in three sizes, with either two, three, or four sections. These are ideal to secure jewellery and accessories to minimise movement while the case is in transit.  


Ring Holder

This Ring Holder Converter will allow you to house up to 6 rings within one pocket space. 


Pocket Lid

This Pocket Lid Converter can be inserted into a watch pocket turning it into storage space for straps, tools or jewellery. This product can be used in conjunction with our divider Pocket Converters or used on its own to utilise the entire space of the pocket.

How To Use 

Step 1:

Remove any pillows from the pockets you intended to convert. For the Ring Holder, we recommend deciding on which pocket you’re going to use before pushing it all the way in, as it can be a little tricky to remove once fully inserted.

The pocket dividers and lid can be removed and rearranged with ease.

Step 2:

Push the Pocket Converter into the pocket until the top surface is level with the foam insert. If you're intending on using a divider with a pocket lid, you'll need to push them in a little further. 

Step 3:

Use your Pocket Converters for rings, jewellery, accessories or watch tools.

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